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Post Dispatch


Newsletter, July 2019

2020 Cards Are Here

The membership drive for 2020 American Legion membership cards starts in early July.

You will, of course receive a mailed notice from National next month. However, Post 9 Adjutant Jim Arwine has the new cards in hand and can issue your to you right away.

Just call and leave a message at the office, or call his cell at 620-640-5179.

The cost to renew for 2020 is still $40. No price increase this year.

Kansas Life memberships dues are the same as last year; $18.50. Seventeen Post 9 members are Life members and their new cards have already been mailed to them.

Your Post is finishing out the 2019 membership year with an 80 percent renewal percentage. According to the Department of Kansas our 2019 quota was 217 members and only 174 renewed. Because it is a dynamic roster with some eight deaths and about that many new members.

So, our roster quota reflects a membership of 192, with several member failing to renew for 2019. Those who do not renew for two straight years are automatically dropped. Their memberships revert back to Department.

Flags Disposal Ceremony

Hundreds of unserviceable flags were disposed of at a ceremony Saturday, June 15 at Valley View Cemetery. The numbers were high because strong winds forced cancellation of the program last year. Only a few flags were put to flames before local fire officials deemed the burning a safety issue.

This year, the burning process was well controlled. There was no exact count, but some at the ceremony said perhaps as many a two thousand flags were destroyed.

The ceremony for Disposal of Unserviceable Flags is outlined in Resolution 440, passed by the 19th National Convention of the American Legion in September 1937.

The resolution said, that it is fitting and proper that Flags which have been used for the decoration of graves at Memorial Day be collected and inspected for such service.

Those deemed worn and unserviceable shall be condemned and properly destroyed. The approved method has long been that they be destroyed by burning.

Clean Up Day

Commander Donna Hernandez has declared Sunday, June 23rd to be Post clean up day. The area to be re-organized and cleaned is the main storage area. Please show up at 1:00 pm.

 Sunflower Paper Edition Gone                       

After much discussion at the Department Convention last month, the Department Executive Committee voted to immediately stop printing the paper edition of the Sunflower Legionnaire. It will now be posted on the Department computer website. There will also be a separate posting on TAPs.

Members who can not access the electronic publications can asked to be put on a hard copy mailing list.

Constitution and Bylaw Study

The Department of Kansas Constitution and Bylaws are under review. An Ad Hoc Committee has been formed to study needed changes. It will present it’s finding and recommendations to the Department Executive Committee. This will take some time, says Department Adjutant Jimmie Foster, because there are many areas to review.

Input from districts, posts and individual members are welcome, he said.

Your Eighth District has studied and recommended changes to it’s constitution in the past, but changes have not come about in a timely manner. This push by Department is something our post needs to be a part of. The bylaws we have in print form are many years old. It is good that everybody wants to get on the same page with changes that address issues that we all face, such as dwindling membership.

Planned Events:

— Bingo continues to be offered to the community every Saturday. Doors open at 4:30 pm and the games start at 5:30 pm. Play is usually over by 8:00 pm.

— The Vets For Veterans organization will stage a parade up main street in Garden City on July the 4th. This often asked for holiday event will start at 10:00 am.

— The Sons of The American Legion, all-you-can eat breakfast buffet, will be offered at the Post on Sunday, July the 7th.  It will be available between 8:00 am to 11:00 am. The costs is $8.

— The Eighth District Commander’s Homecoming will take place at Post 47 in Dodge City on Saturday, August 27th.  Details will follow.

— Last September, Post 9 hosted National Commander Brett Reistad during his tour of the western half of the State. This year we will have the opportunity to host the yet elected (at the National Convention), National Vice Commander (there are five) that represent our state and five others during 2019-2020. 


      This publication is written and edited by Post 9 Adjutant Jim Arwine. e-mail;



May 2019

Post Reports

            Every year your American Legion post and others are required to submit an annual report on activities that promote our Four Pillars, such as services to veterans and their families.

            The Consolidated Post Report for 2018-2019 also includes reaching out to the community, and promoting youth programs such as Boys State, Cadet Law and Oratorical. Tom Howard chalked up 77 hours working with students, parents and school counselors.

            During this reporting period, Post 9 gave $2,375 in emergency aid to veterans and their families in need. We also assisted 19 veterans to gain medical or disability benefits through the Veterans Commission of Kansas field office at Fort Dodge.

            Post Chaplain Don Heili and others visited veterans in hospitals more than a dozen times and attended more than 30 graveside services. Jim Arwine traveled to various cemeteries in Southwest Kansas, as part of the 8th District Honor Guard, to pay final respect. Often standing with the Guard are post members, Ray Hernandez, Ted Hoffman and Don Heili.        

            Of course not all the veterans served by the post are members of the American Legion. After more than 100 years of service our motto continues to be “Still Serving Veterans.”      

            Your post’s information, combined with other posts nation-wide, is used when the National Commander and others testify on Capital Hill on behalf of all veterans. Each post has a story to tell and when we speak as one voice our strength is magnified.

            The Department of Kansas also uses these numbers at the State level. You can find that  information printed on the lower half of your annual membership renewal notice each year.

Installation of Officers

            Department of Kansas Master-At-Arms Charles Sellens will administer the oath of office, at the general membership meeting, May the 6th,  to Post 9 members who were elected to serve during 2019-2020.

            Sellens is a member of American Legion Post 47, Dodge City, and is seeking a second term as a department master-at-arms.

New Web Page Tab

            American Legion Auxiliary Unit 9 is being allowed it’s own page on the Post 9 web page. It will be one of several tabs where viewers can gain information about the mission, post history and activities. Unit 9 Secretary Anna VanWy will be the editor of that page. If you have items of interest to be included, contact her at

             The site can be reached at:                 



May’s Calendar Is Full

            Spring is here and there are lots of American Legion activities to help you get out, enjoy the weather and spend time with fellow veterans. Check out the list below.


— The annual Cinco de Mayo celebration, in Garden City, will kick off with an opening ceremony, Wednesday, May the 1st. It will take place at 6:00 pm at American Legion Post 9, 405  S. Main. American Legion members will post the Colors. Local speakers and a free meal will be served to military veterans. 

— Bingo at the Fort Dodge Veterans Home is scheduled for Friday, May the 3rd. The event, staged by the our post’s Auxiliary Unit 9, starts at 10:30 am. For more information contact Marie Hamill at 620-214-2650.

— The monthly community all-you can eat Breakfast, prepared and served by the Sons of The American Legion, can be enjoyed on Sunday, May the 5th. It runs from 8:00 am to 11:00 am at the post home, 405 South Main. Cost is $8.

The Department of Kansas American Legion well celebrate it’s 101st Convention, Friday to Sunday, May 17-19th at the Atrium Hotel in Hutchinson, Ks. Speakers at Saturday’s program include National Vice Commander Steve Sweet and Clint Bolt, S.A.L. leading candidate for National Commander. Registration is only $10.

In 1950, The President of the United States proclaimed the 3rd Saturday in May as Armed Forces Day. This year it will be May the 18th. It marks the unification of our several military services and was designed to replace the individual celebration of the respective services.

Memorial Day is Monday, May 27th. Jim Auel of the VFW is organizer and master-of-ceremony for this annual event which takes place at Valley View Cemetery. As part the ceremony, names of fallen veterans during the past year are read by the commanders of area veteran’s service organizations. There is music played by the Garden City Community Band and a rifle salute. The event starts at 11:00 am and is always well attended.

After the ceremony, a good-well offering lunch will be served at the VFW Club, 1101 West Mary Street.


God Save The Flag

            ‘God bless the Flag and its loyal defenders, While its broad folds o’er the battlefield wave, Till the dim star-wealth rekindle its splendor, Washed from its strains in the blood of the brave’.                                                                                                  — Oliver Wendell Holmes         



                                  This publication is written and edited by Post 9 Adjutant Jim Arwine


Newsletter, April 2019

Few Changes:
The names of officers elected to guide Harry H. Renick American Legion Post No. 9 for the year 2019-2020 changed very little during elections held Monday, April 1, 2019.

New to the leadership lineup was Tom Howard as 1st Vice Commander and Ted Hoffman as Sergeant-At-Arms. They replaced Tom Dial and John Linenberger.

Serving her fifth year as Post Commander is Donna Hernandez. Leadership team members working with her include Adjutant Jim Arwine, 1st Vice Tom Howard, 2nd Vice Commander John Mowery and Finance Officer Ray Heinemann.

Others elected were Service Officer Jim Arwine, Chaplain Don Heili, Judge Advocate Barbara Larsen, Historian Eppie Garcia and Sergeant-At-Arms Ted Hoffman.

Club Committee Chairman Tom Howard welcomed newly elected member Barbara Larsen to serve along side John Mowery and Eppie Garcia.

Those elected will serve for 12 months. They assumed their responsibilities that evening.

Ladies Vote:
Auxiliary unit 9 members voted in a leadership team for year 2019-2020.

Marie Hamill was elected to serve another year as President, while the new Vice- President is now Carol Heinemann. Keeping their positions were Secretary Irene Shumate, Treasurer Anna VanWy and Historian Kenna Piper. The newly elected Chaplain is Rosemary Corbett.
They hold their titles for one full year.

The Sons:
The officer election results for the Sons of the American Legion were not available for publication at this time.

Pool Table Here:
The donated pool table from the Finney County Senior Center is here according to Club Committee Chairman Tom Howard.

Plans call for it to be set up in a paneled-off corner in the main storage area. The space will give ample room for players to move around the game table. The area will eventually will be expanded to hold tables and chairs, and a bar to purchase drinks.

Convention Nears:
The Eighth District Convention of the American Legion of Kansas will be held this Saturday, April 6th, 2019 at Post 47, Dodge City.

The one-day convention starts at 8 am. The cost of registration and a noon luncheon, catered by Post 9’s Trace Woolwine, is only $20.

The district represents 26 American Legion posts in southwest Kansas.

Post 9 Commander Donna Hernandez is a member on the district’s Executive Committee. She was elected to her position last Fall and will serve for another year. She is a contact point for those who desire to seek a position at the district-level.

Positions up for election are the commander, vice-commander and one executive committee member. Other positions are appointed by the commander.

Help Wanted:
A committee to promote and serve area youth is being formed. Programs offered by The American Legion include Boys State, Oratorical and Cadet Law. Vice Commander Tom Howard also wants to develop a shooting program.

Around The Corner:
— A veterans appreciation dinner, that will help kick off Cinco de Mayo, is planned for Wednesday, May the 1st. It will be held at Post 9 from 6 pm to 8 pm. For more information and registration contact Harold Orosco at 620-260-0945.

— Bingo with veterans at Fort Dodge takes place Friday, May the 3rd at 10:30 am. Those interested can contact Unit 9 President Marie Hamill at 620-214-2650.

—‘ Comedy Warriors’ heal through humor on May 11, 2019, at the Ridgeline Hotel, Estes Park, Colorado. The event is sponsored by American Legion Riders of Post 119. Local contact is Post 9 member Steve Fenner at 620-290-3914.

— The American Legion State Convention will take place at the Atrium Hotel, Hutchinson, Kansas, on May 17, 18 and 19, 2019. Registration is only $10.

— Registrations for The American Legion Leadership College at Concordia, Kansas, are being taken now. The 3-day workshop is packed full of special presentations that help post leaders to be more productive. Sign-in is Friday May 31st. Contact Adjutant Jim Arwine for complete information.

Finding Fault:
“Faults in others can only be derived from those who have an underlying fault of their own. We must live within, and accept, our own faults before finding fault in anothers.”
— Post 9 Chaplain Don Heili

This publication is written and edited by Post 9 Adjutant Jim Arwine


Newsletter, March 5, 2019

Those Nominated
Nomination of new officers of Harry H. Renick American Legion Post No. 9 was held Monday, March 4, 2019 at the general membership meeting.

Paid-up members were allowed to nominated themselves or others from the floor. They had to be present and in good standing with the post.

Those nominated will be voted on with secret ballots at the April 1st membership meeting. Winners receiving the most votes in each position will serve 12-month tours for 2019- 2020.

They will assume their responsibilities that evening.
Additionally, they will be offered transition guidance and training by outgoing members previously holding those positions.

Nominated as Post Commander was Donna Hernandez. Others under consideration to fill officer positions were Jim Arwine (Adjutant), Tom Howard (1st Vice-Commander), John Mowery (2nd Vice Commander) and Ray Heinemann (Finance Officer).

Also nominated was Service Officer Jim Arwine, Chaplain Don Heili, Judge Advocate Barbara Larson, Historian Eppie Garcia and Sergeant-At-Arms Ted Hoffman.

Members nominated to the Club Committee were Chairman Tom Howard, John Mowery, Barbara Larson and Eppie Garcia.

Pool Player Alert
A pool room is in the productive stages according to Club Chairman Tom Howard.

The Finney County Senior Center has donated a used pool table that has been blocking food delivery and people traffic at the back door of the building.

It may costs as much as $500 for an “expert” to breakdown the table, haul it to our post, and re-assemble it.

The ideal place to establish a pool room or area is being studied. One possible location could be the small room that currently stores extra chairs used for post special events or those that rent the building for family functions. Howard said the chairs could be moved to the back storage area.

Once a location is establish, he says the process will be completed in a few weeks.

Court Of Honor
An Eagle Scout Court of Honor for Ethan Fisher was held last Saturday. Your might remember that Ethan’s Eagle project was the designing and building (with help) of a flag disposal burn pit for Post 9.

It was initiated last June during a ceremony that had to be cut short because of high winds.

The pit is portable and is in storage in our building. It will be used again in the Spring.

Convention Nears
The Eighth District Convention of the American Legion of Kansas will be held Saturday, April 6th, 2019 at Post 47, Dodge City. The one-day convention starts at 8 am. The cost of registration and a noon luncheon, catered by Post 9’s Trace Woolwine, is only $20.

The district represents 26 American Legion posts in southwest Kansas.

Post 9 Commander Donna Hernandez is a member on the district’s Executive Committee. She was elected to her position last Fall and will serve for another year. She is a contact point for those who desire to seek a position at the district-level.

Positions up for election are the commander, vice-commander and one executive committee member. Also there is a need for someone in the Eighth District to take on the role of chaplain. It’s an appointed position.

Serving Veterans
Last month, the annual Post Service Officer report was sent to Department. We had an impressive amount of visits to area veterans during the last 12 months.

Not all of them were American Legion members, some from the VFW, some were former members of The G.I. Form, and others didn’t belong to any veteran’s service organization, but they all received needed attention.

Most of the hospital visits were done by Post 9 Chaplain Don Heili.

Also, he, Ray Hernandez, Ted Hoffman, Henk Rijkogel and Tom Howard joined 8th District Honor Guard member Jim Arwine in paying last respects to veterans at cemetery grave-side services.

Membership Renewals
It happens. We have a lot of our veterans die or just quit renewing their post memberships. We try our best to replace them with new members, but it is often a losing game. Several American Legion post in the State were closed last year because of dwindling numbers or lack of leadership. The most recent was Post 211 in Tribune.

Our post membership has been fairly steady the last year or so, but we too are hard pressed to keep up the membership. Our current membership is at 77%. We have renewed 167 members out of 217. So if you or somebody you know hasn’t renewed for 2019, please do so.

The written word can be a powerful force in shaping minds and attitudes in a positive way. Chaplain Don Heili has that gift: ‘A little humor goes a long way.’

“We need a little humor to make the time pass by,
We need a bit of laughter to cover the tears when we cry.
We need to “chile out” when someone crosses our path.
We need to find out why we caught their wrath.
We need to show we really care to wipe away their frown.
We need to search our inner selves to determine what is best,
We need to choose what is best – and put all others to rest.”

This publication is written and edited by Post 9 Adjutant Jim Arwine. e-mail;


February 2019

Web Page Up:
     The new Post 9 website is up and running. It can be seen at
     It features a menu with a home page, a history page with background on the formation of the post and a short biography of Harry H. Renick.
     There is also a tab for viewing the monthly Post Dispatch newsletter. That means no more wadding thorough lots of ads and other posting at the 8th District Face book page to find it. Just type in and it will be listed at the top of the home page.
     One menu selection takes you to a page that outlines weekly and monthly post events, such as office hours, the club (bar), bingo and the SAL breakfast. The last page is for the posting of photographs from post and community events.
     For those who have registered an e-mail address with the adjutant, you will continue to receive it via that method. Also paper copies of the post newsletter will continue to be available at the front door display case and at monthly general membership meetings.
     The website is still being fine-tuned. The design was inspired by Post 9 Adjutant Jim Arwine, but put together by webmaster Terry Warner of La Crosse, Kansas.

Nominations in March:
     Nominations for 2019-2020 officers will take place at the post meeting on March the 4th. As in previous years, members will be handed a nomination ballot with officers positions.              There will be spaces to fill in the names of those who asked to be put on the ballot or are nominated from the floor. Those names will be voted on and take office after elections on Monday, April the 1st.
     Post Commander Donna Hernandez encourages members to become involved in the leadership and business of our post by seeking a position of responsibility. For those who win an office, be assured that you will receive one-on-one training and guidance.

Joe Boyle Benefit :
     The fund-raiser for Army veteran Joe Boyle, who was struck down by a larger truck while riding his motorcycle several weeks ago, will be held Saturday, February the 9th.
     It will consists of a spaghetti dinner from 4:30 to 7:30 pm at the post. The suggested donation is $5. Additionally a Trailblazer welder/generator, valued at $6,000, will be raffled off. The ticket price is $10.
     Organizer Anna Van Wy can be reached at

Oratorical Contest:
     Garden City High School senior Caitlyn Harmon is Post 9’s representative to the Eighth District Oratorical Competition to be held Sunday, February 10th, at American Legion Post 47, Dodge City. She will compete against other students sponsored by other posts in southwest Kansas. She has competed before and won cash for her efforts.
     The annual event, which starts at 2 pm, is one of many youth programs organized by The American Legion. The topic they speak to is the U.S. Constitution. The winner of this event is will compete at the State level. The winner of that contest will compete at the National level.
     Cash awards are given to winners at each level.

JROTC Appreciation Night:
     Veterans are to be honored during Garden City High School ROTC’s Military Appreciation Night February the 16th at Clifford Hope Auditorium. The annual event celebrates our nation and the people who protect it. The young cadets will perform a variety of drills, speeches and poems. The Honor Guard will fold the nation’s flag.
     A silent auction is planned from 5:30 to 7:00 pm. A meal ticket can be purchased for $5.
     The stage performance starts at 6:00 pm and will last until 7:00 pm. There is no fee to attend and help celebrate our nation’s heros.

Sunday Meal Stays: 
     Don’t be confused. There was talk that the monthly community breakfast would be moved from the first Sunday to the last Sunday. But no, Sons of The American Legion Commander John Mowery said it would continue to be offered at the post on the first Sunday from 8:00 pm to 11:00 pm.
The all-you-can-eat buffet featuring a variety of breakfast meats, french toasts, hash brown potatoes, sausage gravy, juices and the best coffee in town costs only $8.

Scars of Freedom:
     Post 9 Chaplain Don Heili is a seasoned poet. Here are stanzas from one titled: 
                                         ‘Scars of Freedom’.
     You see the body and its many scars, Defending the USA and its Stars and Stripes. Not wanting to leave, not wanting to go, From the youth I was once to an adult I did grow.
     Hold me close, hold me tight, Only in your arms will I again be alright.
     Deep inside this body and scars, Still lives the who went off afar. Share your love, embrace the fear, Caress the tension, wipe away the tear.
     Hold me close, hold me tight, Only in your arms will I again be alright.
     Don’t look down or the other way, As you see those scars I carry each day. Don’t look at them as the ugly scars you may perceive, Look at them as ribbons and awards I did receive.
     Though you may not see the wound or the mark, Deep within the soul they fester so dark.
     I’m still there, I’m still me, Somewhere is the happiness, the happiness of the free.
     Hold me close, hold me tight, Only in your are arm will I again be alright.
     Better to fight now and protect, Than to lose the freedoms we cherish from neglect. Victories never come with ease or cheap, Somewhere, someone will surely weep.
     Hold me close, hold me tight, Only in your arms will I again be alright.

This publication is written and edited by Post 9 Adjutant Jim Arwine.


January 2019

Harry H. Renick American Legion Post # 9 Post Dispatch P .O. Box 684, 405 S. Main, Garden City, KS 67846, Tel: 620-275-6875

Newsletter, January 2019 Project Cemented : When Post 9 moved from it’s home on Pine Street to the abandoned Army National Guard Armory, about 6 years ago, a trade deal was made with the City of Garden City.

There was an even swap of buildings. No money was exchanged, just ownership.

However, the city asked that the grounds be well-maintained and that the American Legion pave or cement the parking lot in a timely manner.

Well, it never was, until now. Measuring 120 feet by 60 feet, the cement slabs extends west, the full length of the south side of the building and south to Isabel Avenue.

There is also a 10-foot wide sidewalk next to the building and a curb sidewalk running east and west along Isabel.   Additionally, about a dozen parking lot wheel stops have been placed to mark parking. The project was completed in less than a month by Joe Tarbet Ready Mix and Construction, Ulysses.

The final price tag will not be completely covered by the post’s building fund saving account, so a fund-raising benefit is already in the planning stages.

Of course, members and supportive citizens can make donations at anytime.

City officials approved the construction plan and have given praise to the speed and quality of work that went into the project.

So, now it is a promise fulfilled by the current leadership at your post.

Joe Boyle Fund-Raiser:

Former Post #9 American Legion member Joseph E. Boyle was struck down by a large truck while riding his motorcycle last Fall.

After weeks in a Wichita hospital, he passed away October 21, 2018. A funeral with full military rites by the Kansas Army National Guard and the 8th District Honor Guard was conducted at Valley View Cemetery October 27th.

Now, a fund-raising benefit for 20-year Army veteran Joe Boyle’s family is planned for Saturday, February 9, at the Post, 405 S. Main. It will consist of a Spaghetti dinner from 4:30 to 7:30 pm, with a suggested $5 donation.

Additionally, a Miller Trailblazer welder/generator valued at $6,000 will be raffled off. The ticket price is $10.

All Legion family members are encouraged to support this worthy cause. For more information, please contact benefit organizer, Anna Van Wy at

District Eight Changes:

A change in leadership positions at the Eighth District took place Saturday, December 15th, 2018. The executive committee voted on the move, because Eighth District Commander Larry Ochs, of Syracuse, resigned and relocated to Pelsor, Arkansas, to be closer to a young family member.

His new email address is He kept his same cell number.

The new officers will hold titles and serve until annual elections are held at the District Convention, April the 6th, 2019, in Dodge City.

Taking over the Commander’s position is Vice Commander Donald Marshall. Replacing him in that position is Committeeman James Schekllbacher.

Voted to replace him is American Legion Post 9 Commander Donna Hernandez.

Rounding out the changes was the advancement of Assistant Adjutant Brent Andersen to Adjutant.

Positions that didn’t change include Committeemen John Meyeres and Tom Howard, Finance Officer Gary Foos, Chaplain Debra Muylaert and Judge Advocate Dan Stacy.

Winter Workshop:

For the first time ever, the Department’s Mid-Winter Forum will be held in our backyard.

It will take place in Dodge City at American Legion Post #47 on February 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

The annual business meeting will feature a guest speaker who will talk about PTSD; the leading candidate for the position of National Commander; the National President of the Auxiliary; the Department of Kansas Commander; Auxiliary President and SAL Commander.

The business sessions will run through Saturday and Sunday morning.

The evening meal on Saturday will feature prime rib. It will be catered by Post #9 member Trace Woolwine, who is general manager of the local Golden Corral.

That will be followed by entertainment by ‘Letters From Home’, a 3-member musical group that is a throwback to the 40’s music sung by the Andrew Sisters.

A reflection of those who served during World War 2 to present day.

More information will be available in the January issue of the Sunflower Legionnaire or you can contact Dan Stacy at 620-430–0750 for ticket information for the dinner and show.

Face To Face:

The annual Legislative Party is slated for January 16. 2019, at the Capital Plaza Hotel in Topeka.

It brings together American Legion members and Kansas elected government officials to compare military veteran issues and pending legislation actions.

After a briefing, the rest of the evening is informal one-on-one talks over a dinner buffet that includes cocktails.

The $20 cost should be sent to Department Headquarters in Topeka.

“Freedom rings from hallowed grounds, with military gun salutes sounding their rounds.

Freedom comes with the highest cost, do to the thousands of lives that have been lost”. — Freedom by Post 9 Chaplain Don Heili

This publication is written and edited by Post #9 Adjutant, Jim Arwine.