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Newsletter, July 2019

2020 Cards Are Here

The membership drive for 2020 American Legion membership cards starts in early July.

You will, of course receive a mailed notice from National next month. However, Post 9 Adjutant Jim Arwine has the new cards in hand and can issue your to you right away.

Just call and leave a message at the office, or call his cell at 620-640-5179.

The cost to renew for 2020 is still $40. No price increase this year.

Kansas Life memberships dues are the same as last year; $18.50. Seventeen Post 9 members are Life members and their new cards have already been mailed to them.

Your Post is finishing out the 2019 membership year with an 80 percent renewal percentage. According to the Department of Kansas our 2019 quota was 217 members and only 174 renewed. Because it is a dynamic roster with some eight deaths and about that many new members.

So, our roster quota reflects a membership of 192, with several member failing to renew for 2019. Those who do not renew for two straight years are automatically dropped. Their memberships revert back to Department.

Flags Disposal Ceremony

Hundreds of unserviceable flags were disposed of at a ceremony Saturday, June 15 at Valley View Cemetery. The numbers were high because strong winds forced cancellation of the program last year. Only a few flags were put to flames before local fire officials deemed the burning a safety issue.

This year, the burning process was well controlled. There was no exact count, but some at the ceremony said perhaps as many a two thousand flags were destroyed.

The ceremony for Disposal of Unserviceable Flags is outlined in Resolution 440, passed by the 19th National Convention of the American Legion in September 1937.

The resolution said, that it is fitting and proper that Flags which have been used for the decoration of graves at Memorial Day be collected and inspected for such service.

Those deemed worn and unserviceable shall be condemned and properly destroyed. The approved method has long been that they be destroyed by burning.

Clean Up Day

Commander Donna Hernandez has declared Sunday, June 23rd to be Post clean up day. The area to be re-organized and cleaned is the main storage area. Please show up at 1:00 pm.

 Sunflower Paper Edition Gone                       

After much discussion at the Department Convention last month, the Department Executive Committee voted to immediately stop printing the paper edition of the Sunflower Legionnaire. It will now be posted on the Department computer website. There will also be a separate posting on TAPs.

Members who can not access the electronic publications can asked to be put on a hard copy mailing list.

Constitution and Bylaw Study

The Department of Kansas Constitution and Bylaws are under review. An Ad Hoc Committee has been formed to study needed changes. It will present it’s finding and recommendations to the Department Executive Committee. This will take some time, says Department Adjutant Jimmie Foster, because there are many areas to review.

Input from districts, posts and individual members are welcome, he said.

Your Eighth District has studied and recommended changes to it’s constitution in the past, but changes have not come about in a timely manner. This push by Department is something our post needs to be a part of. The bylaws we have in print form are many years old. It is good that everybody wants to get on the same page with changes that address issues that we all face, such as dwindling membership.

Planned Events:

— Bingo continues to be offered to the community every Saturday. Doors open at 4:30 pm and the games start at 5:30 pm. Play is usually over by 8:00 pm.

— The Vets For Veterans organization will stage a parade up main street in Garden City on July the 4th. This often asked for holiday event will start at 10:00 am.

— The Sons of The American Legion, all-you-can eat breakfast buffet, will be offered at the Post on Sunday, July the 7th.  It will be available between 8:00 am to 11:00 am. The costs is $8.

— The Eighth District Commander’s Homecoming will take place at Post 47 in Dodge City on Saturday, August 27th.  Details will follow.

— Last September, Post 9 hosted National Commander Brett Reistad during his tour of the western half of the State. This year we will have the opportunity to host the yet elected (at the National Convention), National Vice Commander (there are five) that represent our state and five others during 2019-2020. 


      This publication is written and edited by Post 9 Adjutant Jim Arwine. e-mail;


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